2017 Board Elections:evote

Following the three-year-term election cycle, the Board seats for Districts 1, 2 and 3 are up for election this year. 

District 1 ballots were mailed out on Friday, May 12. The deadline to cast your vote is 5pm on Tuesday, June 13, 2017.

To vote electronically, you'll need two things:

  • Your password, which can be obtained two ways:
    1. This was mailed out separately on a green postcard
    2.  Contacting the Election Helpline at:


  • Your electronic voting number, which can be obtained three ways:
    1. Located on your billing statement, just below the payment stub
    2. Located on the return envelope within the voting packet
    3. Call GVEA's Member Services to obtain this:
      • 452-1151 
      • 1-800-770-4832 (toll-free).  


The following represents the candidates:

  • District 1 - Nominated by Committee


    • Gunderson 3 2107 webAren Gunderson, incumbent

Primary residence: 590 Mammoth Drive

Phone: 388-1454

Email: amg1@gvea.com

Years in Alaska: 13

Employer: University of Alaska Museum of the North

Education: MS Wildlife Biology (UAF), BS Biology (University of Northern Iowa).

Personal interests/hobbies: being a dad, cross country skiing, skijoring, mushing, hunting, home improvement/building, energy efficiency, playing banjo, and community involvement.

Organization affiliation: GVEA Board of Directors 2011-present, Director 2011-2017, Treasurer 2016-2017; ARECA Educational Foundation 2015-present, President.

Community service: I am interested in making Fairbanks a sustainable, vibrant, and diverse community through economic, educational, and cultural opportunities that make this a wonderful place to build my life and raise my family. I am active and passionate in my roles at the University of Alaska Museum, at the Board of Directors of GVEA, and at my children’s schools to help further those goals. I am specifically interested in reducing GVEA member’s bills through efficiency and conservation both at individual residences and businesses and throughout the GVEA system through the use of new technologies, and in bringing renewable energy into Alaska’s electric grid to replace aging fossil fuel based generation infrastructure.  

To view candidate's Q&A, click here.


    • D1 MessierWebDavid Messier

Primary residence: 841 Constitution Dr

Phone: 978-1866

Email: dp2477@gmail.com

Years in Alaska: 9

Employer: Tanana Chiefs Conference

Education: MBA from University of Fairbanks, B.S. from Cornell University, Certified Energy Manager (CEM), Project Management Professional (PMP).

Personal interests/hobbies: Hunting, Fishing, Woodworking, boating, snow machining, ski-joring, Construction Projects.

Organization affiliation: Renewable Energy Alaska Project (REAP) Board Member 2009-2010, 2014-present Rural Issues Subcommittee co-chair, Alaska Center for Energy and Power (ACEP) Advisory Panel, Indian Country Energy and Infrastructure Working Group (2016-present), Alaska Microgrid Advisory Panel (2016-present), Alaska Affordable Energy Strategies (AKAES) Working Group Member, GVEA Member Advisory Committee 2013-2016 MAC Committee Chair in 2016. Young Professionals Council 2012-present.

Community service: Blood Donor, Blood bank of Alaska 1 gal member, Young Professionals Council Community Service with various organizations.

To view candidate's Q&A, click here.


  • District 2 - Nominated by Petition ProcessD2 DeLong 2014Web


    • Tom DeLong, incumbent

To view candidate's bio, Q&A and Board action, click here.





  • District 3 - Nominated by Petition ProcessD3 Schikora2 2014Web


    • Rick Schikora, incumbent

To view candidate's bio, Q&A and Board action, click here.



 Instructions & Director Application Materials:

 Additional Information:

 The Election Processnominatingcommitteehandbook

The Board of Director Nomination & Election Process Handbook is downloadable. It contains information on the qualifications for directors, as well as the processes of being nominated, running by petition and campaigning.

Nominating Committee Handbook







District Descriptions

District 1

Includes the Railroad Industrial Area of Well Street and Phillips Field Road south of the Johansen Expressway to the Chena River, Graehl Subdivision to Hamilton Avenue and north of Adak Avenue. Headng north out of Fairbanks, the general area west of the Steese Highway, including Fox, Chatanika, Haystack, Elliot Highway, Farmers Loop, Goldstream, Murphy Dome and Sheep Creek Roads, the University of Alaska and College Road north of Noyes Slough.

District 2

Includes the general area south of College Road, south of Noyes Slough and north of the Chena River, Danby Street, Aurora Subdivision, Geist Road, University West, Chena Ridge, Goldhill Road, Ester and the Parks Highway.

District 3

Includes the area south of the Chena Small Tracks and east of Chena Pump to Rosie Creek. West side of Fairbanks south of the Chena River, west of Wien Street and 10th Avenue, south of Smythe Street and 9th Avenue and west of Turner Street. The Van Horn Industrial Area and Richardson Highway up to the west side of Woll, Nordale and Keeney Roads.

District 4

Includes downtown Fairbanks, north of Wien Street and 10th Avenue to the Chena River. The subdivisions of Island Homes, Hamilton Acres, Shannon Park and Birchwood Homes. All areas east of the Steese Hightay, heading north out of Fairbanks, including Chena Hot Springs Road. Also, the Secluded Acres Subdivision east of Ft. Wainwright and north of the Chena River.

District 5

Includes the area of North Pole, the Richardson Highway, east side of Woll Road, Nordale and Keeney Roads, Moose Creek, Eielson and south to the Salcha River.

District 6

Includes Delta Junction, Fort Greely and all areas south of the Salcha River, including Harding and Birch Lakes.

District 7

Includes the areas of Nenana, Clear, Anderson, Healy, McKinley Village and Cantwell.

District Maps

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