Life of Underground Lines Are Being Extended

Work on this project enters its sixth year

What is cable rejuvenation? According to Novinium’s web site (this is the vendor that GVEA has contracted with): "It’s the process of injecting a healing and upgrading silicone fluid into the strands of aging medium-voltage power cables. The rejuvenation fluid migrates into the conductor shield and insulation, modifying the insulation’s chemistry, ultimately repairing and extending the cable life. The cable returns to its full dielectric strength within as little as seven days."

This will be the fifth summer that GVEA has dedicated a two-person crew to work with a representative from Novinium. An average of 10,000 feet of GVEA's underground cable has been rejuvenated each summer. This summer, we’ll be at it again with the goal of 30,000 feet of cable rejuvenation. 

Beginning in mid-May 2019 and continuing for two months, rejuvenation work will be performed near the Bentley Mall and within Denali Estates and Ptarmigan Heights (off Chena Ridge).

Novinium warranties their work and believes this will extend the life of the power cables by as many as 40 years.

An additional benefit from this work: once the underground lines have been rejuvenated, GVEA’s mapping system is updated with data on the lines, making the information more complete and detailed than ever before.