About the Member Advisory Committee

IMG 0884 WEBHave you ever wondered:

  • Why is electricity so expensive?
  • If we have the most powerful battery back up system, why does the power still go out?
  • Who decides which directors are on our ballots each year?
  • What's GVEA's perspective on hydropower?

Participating on the MAC is an opportunity to find out more about your electric co-op and to provide valuable feedback.

The MAC is made up of three members from each of GVEA's seven geographic districts. MAC members serve on a variety of co-op committees (e.g. district nominating, annual meeting, bylaw review and the election committee).

MAC members meet monthly and serve three-year terms. They receive $45 per meeting, plus standard mileage rates for travel.

All GVEA members (except employees) are eligible to serve.

Interested in joining the MAC?

  • MAC members meet monthly and serve three-year terms.
  • Solicitation for new MAC members occurs each year during July and August. 
  • Applications for new MAC members are reviewed and selected by current MAC members.
  • The current term year begins each October.
  • Questions? Contact us at 452-1151 or pr@gvea.com.
  • Download an application by clicking here

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 Current MAC Members: 

District 1: Nancy Hummel David Pelunis-Messier Gary Woody
District 2: Heidi Titchenal LJ Evans Hollis Hall
District 3: Roger Kermes Paul Tritt, Jr. (vacant)
District 4: Ruth Knapman Andrew McDonnell Brittnie Welsh
District 5: Gregory Garrels Lourdes Petty (vacant)
District 6: Audrey Brown James Carter Whit Hicks
District 7: Terry Hinman Ryan Jusczak (vacant)


MAC Meetings

MAC meetings are typically held the second Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. at GVEA's headquarters on Illinois Street. All members are welcome to attend.

Note:  If the temperature at 9am on the morning of a MAC meeting is -40 degrees or colder at the Fairbanks International Airport (458-3745 ext. 1113), the meeting will be cancelled.

 2016 Meeting Dates

Solar Project - Reference Materials

  • PowerLines Article on Renewable Distributed Generation (April 2016)
  • Ruralite Article on Wind (March 2016)
  • CityLab's Article on Fixing Solar Power's Inequity Problem (March 2016)
  • Article on Big Solar is Heading for Boom Times in the US (March 2016)



2015 MAC Mtg Minutes

2014 MAC Mtg Minutes