MAC Meetings

MAC meetings are typically held the second Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. at GVEA's headquarters on Illinois Street. All members are welcome to attend.


MAC Applications are available each May, June and July.


Here's a brief video, with testimonials from MAC members

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By serving on the Member Advisory Committee, you'll learn:

  • Why electricity is so expensive in Interior Alaska.
  • Where our power comes from.
  • What "cooperative" means.
  • What goes into coordinating GVEA's Annual Members' Meeting.

If these topics interest you, then you should consider joining GVEA's Member Advisory Committee (MAC). Serving on the MAC is a great way to get involved, find out more about your co-op and provide valuable feedback.

The MAC is made up of three members from each of GVEA's seven geographic districts, and they:

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MAC members are also asked to serve on various committees (e.g. district nominating, annual meeting, bylaw review and election).

All GVEA members (except employees) are eligible to serve.

Get Involved - Join the Member Advisory Committee!


 Current MAC Members: 

District 1: Robert Hildebrandt Peter VanFlein Carol Gho  
District 2: Hollis Hall Richard Theilmann Karm Singh  
District 3: Alison Carter Alyssa Norris vacant  
District 4: David Forstrom Angela Ritchie Mike Bradley  Harmony Tomaszewski
District 5: Enlow Walker Russell Johnston Benjamin Gorman  Kerry Kirby
District 6: Audrey Brown Dan Beck vacant  
District 7: Bradley Benson John Kelleher Terry Hinman  


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