Outages - 2014

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Thursday, January 16

Approximately 1,000 GVEA members experienced a 3-hour outage this morning beginning at 1:55am.  Power was restored by 5:21am.  The affected areas were East Farmers Loop, McGrath and Skyline.  A small area on the east side of town also experienced a short 2-3 minute outage, due to being fed out of the same substation as the larger outage.  Three crews were dispatched, located a downed power line along Skyline, and repairs were made.  At this time the reason the line went down is unknown.

Tuesday, January 14

Power was lost on the Intertie at approximately 8:34pm tonight, with most of our members back on by 8:49m.  Cantwell members were the last to come back on at 9:07pm, but experienced a  second short outage shortly after that.  The cause of the outage is still undetermined at this time, although we do know that Wasilla and Anchorage were experiencing high winds when the outage occurred.  10,018 meters were affected in the outage.

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Because we live in an extreme climate, it's a good idea to keep an emergency outage kit on hand.

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