Outages - 2014

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Wednesday, Dec 10, 2014 - 8am update

Last night, 1300 members were without power from 5:48pm to 6:31pm due to a traffic accident on Farmers Lp near McGrath Rd. The vehicle broke a guy wire which jumped into the distribution line. Two crews were dispatched to make repairs.


Tuesday, Dec 9, 2014 - 9:45am update

This morning around 4:54am we had an outage that affected four substations and approximately 7,800 members for 15 – 20 minutes.  Everyone was back on by 5:19am. Two crews were dispatched, but they couldn't find what caused the fault – it’s believed it was snow off-loading due to some wind gusts.

The general areas affected: University West, Goldhill Rd, Yak Estates, Geist Rd, Airport Rd and University Ave, Airport Industrial, Dale Rd, Chena Pump, Chena Hills, Chena Marina, Executive Estates, Peger Rd, Davis Rd, West Van Horn, East Ramp, Metro Field, South Fairbanks and Old Richardson.

Tuesday, July 15, 9:15am

Outage update......there have been numerous isolated outages throughout the North Pole and Fairbanks areas since yesterday evening, continuing into this morning, due to damage from the rain and wind.  A couple thousand members have been affected, with an estimate of approximately 200 still without power at this time.  If you are one of these homes still without power and haven't called 452-1151 in a while - please check in and verify your outage information. Thank you for your patience.


Sunday, June 1, Noon

GVEA crews are making progress. If you are still without power from yesterday's windstorm, please call 452-1151 so we can verify your information.


Sunday, June 1, 8 am

GVEA crews & contractors worked all night and will continue to work all day today to restore power from yesterday's windstorm. We are replacing broken poles, crossarms and other damaged equipment. There are too many isolated outages to try and list every location. If you have reported your outage we appreciate your patience as repairs will take some time. You can call our outage call center, 452-1151, every couple hours for an update.


Saturday, May 31, 7:05pm

High winds have caused widespread power outages across the Tanana Valley since mid-afternoon today. Currently, we have 11 crews in the field and they will continue working throughout tonight and into Sunday until power has been restored. We appreciate your patience.


Thursday, May 29, 10:15am

Approximately 1700 members are experiencing a power outage that started at 9:50am this morning. Affected areas are Chena Pump, Chena Marina and Chena Hills. The cause is a tree felled on a power line by a private contractor clearing a right-of-way. Crews have been dispatched for repairs.


Tuesday, May 13, 4:29pm

Approximately 438 members are experiencing a power outage due to a tree on a power line. The areas affected are Spinach Crk, Murphy Dome, and areas of the Parks Hwy. A crew is working on the problem at this time.


Monday, May 12, 3:24pm

Power has been restored.  Call 452-1151 if you are still without power and need to report it.


Monday, May 12, 3:00pm

Approximately 1,800 members are without power due to a wild land fire. The areas affected are Goldhill Rd, Yak Estates, Geist Rd, Spinach Crk, Murphy Dome, Parks Hwy and along Chena Ridge. We are working with the fire service and power will be restored to this area when we have been notified that it's safe to do so. We'll post an update when there is more information.


Thursday, January 16

Approximately 1,000 GVEA members experienced a 3-hour outage this morning beginning at 1:55am.  Power was restored by 5:21am.  The affected areas were East Farmers Loop, McGrath and Skyline.  A small area on the east side of town also experienced a short 2-3 minute outage, due to being fed out of the same substation as the larger outage.  Three crews were dispatched, located a downed power line along Skyline, and repairs were made.  At this time the reason the line went down is unknown.

Tuesday, January 14

Power was lost on the Intertie at approximately 8:34pm tonight, with most of our members back on by 8:49m.  Cantwell members were the last to come back on at 9:07pm, but experienced a  second short outage shortly after that.  The cause of the outage is still undetermined at this time, although we do know that Wasilla and Anchorage were experiencing high winds when the outage occurred.  10,018 meters were affected in the outage.

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