Billing Options

Standard Billing

GVEA offers standard billing for all members. Under standard billing procedures, an account is billed based on the prior month’s usage.

RollingAverageBillingIn addition, GVEA offers the following billing options for residential members. These plans help level out monthly electric bills taking away the surprise factor.

There are certain eligibility requirements. Contact our Member Services department if you have questions - 452-1151 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Payment Options

For your convenience, GVEA offers several ways to pay your bill.
  • Pay your bill online
  • View your electronic bill online or by email
  • View your useage history online
  • View your payment history online
1) GV E-BillOnline bill pay

With GV E-Bill, you can pay your electric bill online in a matter of minutes 24-hours a day.

2) Other Auto Pay Options

GVEA makes it easy to pay with Auto Pay. Choose from two options: automatic payment from your credit card or your debit card. You still receive a monthly statement. You'll never have to write or mail another check or miss another payment while out of town. Download an application today.

3) Night Drop Boxes

Night drop boxes are available on our Member Services buildings in Fairbanks, Delta and Nenana.
Payments in box will be picked up at 4 p.m. each business day. All payments, including delinquent payments, made after 4 p.m. may not be posted until the next working day. DO NOT DEPOSIT CASH. Please note: Delinquent account payments deposited after 4 p.m. will not prevent shut off notices already scheduled.

4) Postage-paid Envelope

For your convenience, Golden Valley provides a postage-paid envelope with each billing statement.

5) In Person

Our member services lobbies are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday (except holidays). Our Member Services Representatives are happy to assist you with your payment.

Deposits and Fees

We recognize most of our customers pay their bills on time; therefore, we do not require an account deposit if the following criteria are met:

  • The account is residential;
  • The member provides a positive picture ID and social security number;
  • And the member does not have an impaired credit rating.

If you do not meet this criteria, an account deposit is required. The amount of the deposit required will be determined by your credit score. However, the maximum deposit will not exceed twice the average monthly bill at that location or two times the average bill for that class of service, whichever is applicable. Also, if your account becomes delinquent (40 days past the bill date), you may be required to post a deposit. Failure to pay a deposit when required could result in disconnection of service.

The account deposit is refundable. Your deposit, plus any accrued interest, will appear as a credit on your bill after you establish good payment history or terminate electric service.

What is Good Payment History?

Good Payment History is established after 12 consecutive months of service with no more than two past due payments. One delinquency is allowed, but it may not occur during the most recent six months. The account must also be current at the time it is reviewed for Good Payment status, and any other accounts in the same name must also have Good Payment History. Once you have Good Payment History, your account deposit will appear as a credit on your bill with interest.


Fees are implemented to cover the costs of providing service and are not refunded to the member.

Updating Payment Info

creditcardsIt's important to keep your payment information up-to-date.

Here are some reasons you may need to update your payment information:

  • Received a new credit card in the mail
  • Credit card compromised
  • New bank account
  • New credit card billing information

To update your payment information, call our cash and capital credits department at 452-1151, fill out a new auto pay application, use the form on the back of your bill or, if you are enrolled in E-Bill, simply sign in and update your billing information online.

Charges and Fees

The Regulatory Commission of Alaska approved the following fees effective May 1, 2007. These are some of the most common charges. Contact GVEA offices for a complete listing.


Scheduled (all zones): $51

Zone 1:

Same Day - prior to 3:30 p.m. $91

Same Day - after 3:30 p.m. $284


First Notice $5

Second Notice $32

LATE PAYMENT FEE - Residential and small general service (GS1)

Greater of $2 or 10.5% per annum