DiggingUnderground Cable Locates

Certain areas on GVEA's system use underground electrical lines. Therefore, members installing fence posts or burying fuel tanks may be in for a serious shock. Avoid the risk of electrocution; if you are planning any excavation, call GVEA at 452-1151. Give us 24-hours notice, and we will locate buried primary lines for you at no charge.

Fencing Guidelines

We understand fences are important and often necessary for a property owner's privacy, but keep in mind that it is necessary for GVEA to have access to the power lines in order to provide safe and uninterrupted service.

Most power lines extend along the back of lot lines and the right of way is GVEA's only access to these lines. When erecting a fence near a power line, please follow these guidelines:

  • Do not attach fencing posts to power poles.
  • Retain a minimum distance of 10 feet from all poles or underground transformer boxes. When underground electrical is present, call GVEA for an underground locate.
  • When building a fence across the power line right of way, a 12-foot wide gate is needed to access the power line. If a gate is not provided and GVEA needs immediate access to the power pole or line, a portion of the fence may need to be removed at the owner's expense.
  • If the property owner intends to lock the gate, it will need to be double-locked. This means GVEA and the property owner each provide a lock and the two are interlocked. This allows the owner to maintain control of access and line crews to perform emergency repairs without having to contact the property owner.

Landscaping Near Powerlines

For more information about landscaping near powerlines, visit Right of Way Maintenance.