Member Portal

GVEA's 'Member Portal' provides a single sign-on point that gives members access to a variety of activities.

Creating the portal was the first of a four-phase update currently taking place on GVEA's website. Think of the portal as a landing place once you've logged into 'My Account' (the yellow button in the top right-hand corner).

Initially, three options are being presented (with more to eventually be added):member image A2 flipped 

  1. View and Pay Your Bill
    • This is a link to the current GV E-Bill application.
  2. Manage Your Account
    • This will allow you the ability to update email addresses and passwords, etc., without the assistance of a Member Service Representative.
  3. View Your Electric Usage
    • The 'My Power' application will allow you to view data collected from the new meter installed at your service location. Note: Those members who have not yet had a new meter installed won't have any data available to view.

If you're already using GV E-Bill, simply sign in using your existing User ID and Password. If not, a new account can easily be created, but you'll need to have your GVEA meter and account numbers handy.

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To view a brief video that walks you through the various Member Portal screens, click on the link provided: