2018 Annual Meeting Wrap Up

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On the evening of May 3, 2018 GVEA hosted 488 people at their Annual Members’ Meeting. Fairbanks drew a crowd of 454 at Lathrop High School’s Hering Auditorium. This was the second year that the meeting was also video-streamed to the Delta’s Community Center and Healy’s Tri-Valley Community Center; attendance at these satellite sites were 24 and 10, respectively.

Updates were provided on several big GVEA projects by President & CEO Cory Borgeson and the board of directors:

  • Healy 2 recommissioning is on schedule and is targeted to be online this fall
  • All GVEA meters are being replaced this year
  • Construction is beginning on a 563-killowatt solar farm
  • Right-of-way reclearing efforts are being stepped up

Prior to the meeting being called to order, informational booths were featured, emphasizing GVEA services and programs. On display were GVEA’s Ford Fusion Energi Plug-in Hybrid and a new tracked-mower/mulcher, which will be used this season to clear right-of-ways. Board of director candidates from districts 4 and 7 were also available to meet members before the ballots are mailed on May 11.

2018 scholarship winners were announced:

  • $2,000 continuing education: Cassandra Sanborn, Elora Swan & Evan Venechuk
  • $2,500 academic: Tigan Donaldson, Shayna Matson & Kiara Simpson
  • $15,000 academic: Samuel Brown from Tri-Valley HS in Healy

Congratulations to the following prize winners:

  • $250 Electric Credit: Bruce & Margaret Foote, Lindy Newsome, Thomas & Bonnie Marsh, Jiang Zhu
  • $500 Electric Credit: Christian Drury, Mary & Delmar Lashinski, Erik & Charmaine Matson, Roy Nictune
  • Home$ense Audit: Gary Depue, Kathy Glodowski, Bridget Handy, Cynthia Klepaski, Ann Richards
  • $50 Home Depot Gift Card: Don & Julia Triplehorn

A total of 21 members participated in the member comment segment of the program. To view this year’s meeting and annual report, please visit:


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