Meet Your Board of Directors

Golden Valley Electric Association (GVEA) members are elected by district to serve on GVEA’s board of directors. GVEA’s service area is divided into 7 geographical districts. Directors are elected for 3-year terms, with no more than 3 directors elected in any 1 year. For more information about director elections, visit our Elections page.

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2022 to 2023 GVEA Board Committee Appointments

Administrative Committee:

  • Gary Newman, Chair
  • Rick Solie
  • Dave Messier
  • Todd Adams
  • Staff: Burns and Redlin

Annual Meeting Committee:

  • Chris Bunch, Chair
  • Gary Newman
  • Rick Solie
  • Staff: Bailey

Bylaw Review Committee:

  • Rick Solie, Chair
  • Gary Newman
  • Dave Messier
  • Staff: Burns and Dillard

Finance, Audit & Rate (Far) Committee:

  • Dave Messier, Chair
  • Rick Solie
  • Tom DeLong
  • Chris Bunch
  • Staff: Burns and Villalon

Scholarship Committee:

  • Todd Adams, Chair
  • Fred Sheen
  • Rick Solie
  • Staff: Bailey

2022 to 2023 External Committees

Alaska Power Association

  • Gary Newman, Scholarship Committee

Alaska Railbelt Cooperative Transmission & Electric Company (ARCTEC)

  • Tom DeLong, Board Member
  • Dave Messier, Alternate

ARECA Educational Foundation, Inc.

  • Rick Solie

ARECA Insurance Exchange (AIE) Board of Trustees

  • Dave Messier

Goodcents Foundation

  • Chris Bunch, Trustee

National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA)

  • Gary Newman, Director Advisory Group

Northwest Public Power Association (NWPPA) Board of Trustees

  • Tom DeLong, Trustee