Bunch elected to GVEA Board of Directors

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Tonight, Golden Valley Electric Association’s Election Committee certified runoff election results for the District 5 seat on GVEA’s Board of Directors. Chris Bunch was newly elected to the board.

Chris Bunch won the runoff election.

Chris Bunch was elected to GVEA’s Board of Directors.

In June, GVEA’s Election Committee certified the board of director election results for Districts 5 and 6. Incumbent John Sloan was reelected to District 6. A runoff election was declared for District 5 because no candidate received 40 percent of the vote as required by GVEA’s Bylaws. The runoff election took place between the top two candidates, Hank Bartos and Chris Bunch.

Election Results

  • Ballots Mailed: 6,170
  • Valid Ballots Returned: 793 – 13%
  • Hank Bartos: 241 – 30%
  • Chris Bunch: 552 – 70%

Ballots for the runoff election were mailed on June 14 and had to be returned by 5 p.m. on July 16. Members could return their ballot by mail or electronically by e-vote.
Ron Bergh, incumbent District 5 director, is retiring after 33 years of service to the cooperative.

District 5 includes the general area of North Pole, the east half of Badger Road, Moose Creek, Eielson and south to the Salcha River.
District 6 includes Delta Junction, Fort Greely and all areas south of the Salcha River, including Harding and Birch Lakes.


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