GVEA’s Residential Members Experiencing Financial Hardship

Residential members who are past due or delinquent because of COVID-19 are required to fill out these two forms to avoid fees or disconnection. Disconnection is the last thing GVEA wants to happen.

You will need your GVEA member account number, which is found on your billing statement.
These resources will help to keep your lights on, but they do not excuse your obligation to pay for electric service received.

Let’s work together to keep the lights on.

Questions? GVEA’s Member Services Department can help, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., call (907) 452-1151.

Additional resources:


Need help with your bill?

In the best interest of our community and members, the GVEA Benevolent Fund – Members Serving Members has been created to provide financial assistance toward the electric bills of eligible members who are experiencing difficulty paying their bill.

Members Serving Members – this is the core principle on which GVEA’s Benevolent Fund is founded. We encourage all members, who are able, to join us in this cause.

Learn more about the GVEA Benevolent Fund

Organizations that may provide energy assistance

Links for Commercial Members

Small Business Administration (SBA) Documents