2021 Board Elections

Following the three-year-term election cycle, Board seats for districts 4 and 7 are currently up for election. Members in districts 4 and 7 will receive 1) an E-vote password mailer enabeling them to vote electronically, and 2) an election packet with a paper ballot if they prefer to vote by mail.

Members in districts 4 and 7 can vote either electronically or by mail.

If you have questions, please contact the Election Helpline at (855) 761-9111 or goldenvalley@alaska-cpas.com.

Key dates:

  • May 13: E-vote password mailer was sent to all members in districts 4 and 7.
  • May 14: Online, e-voting opens at noon. Paper ballots were mailed today.
  • June 8 at 5pm: E-voting closes, deadline to receive paper ballots.
  • June 10: Ballots will be counted, results announced.

GVEA Election Helpline

(855) 761-9111
PO Box 1368, Palmer, AK 99645

District 4

Nominated by Committee

Derek Miller

Gary Newman, Incumbent

District 7

Nominated by Committee

Brad Benson, Incumbent

Katherine Hennigan

Julie Morris

Todd Adams

Instructions & Director Application Materials:

Additional Information:

The Election Process

The Board of Director Nomination & Election Process Handbook is downloadable. It contains information on the qualifications for directors, as well as the processes of being nominated, running by petition and campaigning.

Nominating Committee Handbook 

District Maps

District 1 Map
Includes the railroad industrial area, which includes Well St and Phillips Field Rd south of the Johansen Expy to the Chena River; Graehl Subd to Hamilton Ave and north of Adak Ave; heading north out of Fairbanks, the general area west of the Steese Hwy, including Fox, Chatanika, Haystack and Elliot Hwy; Farmers Loop, Goldstream, Murphy Dome and Sheep Creek Roads; the University of Alaska; College Rd and north of Noyes Slough, excluding Lemeta Subd. south of College Rd.

District 2 Map
Includes Lemeta Subd; the general area south of Noyes Slough and north of the Chena River; Doyon Estates; Danby Street; Aurora Subd, Geist Rd; University West; Chena Ridge; Goldhill Rd; Ester; and the Parks Hwy south to Mile 343.

District 3 Map
Includes the area south of the Chena Small Tracks and east of Chena Pump to Rosie Creek; the west side of Fairbanks, south of the Chena River, west of Peger Rd. and south of Airport Way; north of Richardson Hwy to Woll Rd; and south of the Chena River and Chena Slough over to Nordale Rd; and Richardson Hwy west of Mile 352.

District 4 Map
Includes downtown Fairbanks, north of Airport Way and east of Peger Rd up to the Chena River; the subdivisions of Island Homes, Hamilton Acres, Shannon Park and Birchwood Homes; all areas east of the Steese Hwy heading north out of Fairbanks and south of Goldstream Rd, including Chena Hot Springs Rd; also Secluded Acres Subd, located east of Ft. Wainwright and north of the Chena River.

District 5 Map
Includes the area of North Pole; the Richardson Hwy from Mile 352 and the east side of Woll Rd; Nordale Rd; the area north of Chena Slough; Moose Creek; Eielson; and south to the Salcha River.

District 6 Map
Includes Delta Junction, Fort Greely and all areas south of the Salcha River, including Harding and Birch Lakes.

District 7 Map
Includes the areas of Nenana, Clear, Anderson, Healy, McKinley Village and Cantwell.