Letter Addressing Access Issues to GVEA Property

June 2019

Dear Member:

You are receiving this notice because GVEA has been unable to change-out the meter at your service location - either because we have been unable to access your property or because you have refused access.

At its May 28, 2019, board meeting, GVEA's Board of Directors authorized GVEA staff to proceed to install AMI meters at all member locations. Thereafter, on June 12, GVEA staff sent notices of the Board's decision to those GVEA members who had previously requested to defer their AMI installation. Consistent with the Board's directive, GVEA personnel and contractors anticipate completing the installation of all AMI meters over the next six weeks - including at locations where members previously deferred installation. Your cooperation in providing access to your property so that GVEA can change-out the existing meter at your location is requested and appreciated.

GVEA's tariff permits GVEA access to your property in order to remove or exchange all equipment belonging to GVEA, including the meter at your current service location.1 Refusal or failure to allow GVEA the necessary access in order to replace the existing meter at your residence will result in GVEA initiating procedures to disconnect your electric service.2 Once electric service is disconnected, if you later seek to reconnect, you will be required to reapply for electric service in accordance with GVEA's tariff - including payment of applicable fees and connection charges.

If you would like to be present when GVEA installs an AMI meter at your residence, please call GVEA at (907) 458-5709 or stop by our office to coordinate a mutually convenient date and time for the installation. We ask that you do so quickly since installation of all AMI meters is expected to be complete by mid to late July. Also, if you would prefer that the AMI meter be installed on a meter pole a short distance from your residence, as opposed to where the existing meter is currently installed, please contact GVEA's New Construction Department at 907~452-1151. Personnel from the New Construction Department will be happy to assist you with the process; However please keep in mind that the cost associated with moving the meter to a meter pole will be at your expense.

GVEA understands that you may disagree with the decision to install an AMI meter at your residence. As a GVEA member, you have a right to submit a complaint to the Regulatory Commission of Alaska if you choose to do so. Members from other utilities have felt similarly when their utility sought to install an AMI meter at their residence. In a recent proceeding involving the installation of an AMI meter by another utility in Alaska, the RCA concluded that installation of an AMI meter did not violate an effective tariff or any governing laws, rules, regulations, or Commission order (U-18-105).

To the extent that you have any questions or desire additional information relating to the meter replacement project, please visit GVEA's website.

Monica Grassi
Vice President of Member Services