Applicant Nominated Via the Petition Process

Bylaws Article V Section 4c, d. Nominations

50 members or three percent of the number of members of a district, whichever is less, may nominate candidates for their district by signing and submitting a written petition, received by the Cooperative not less than fifty days prior to the annual meeting.

The names of the persons nominated by petition shall be posted in the same place as the list of candidates nominated by the nominating committee.

The Board Secretary (or designee) shall cause to be mailed with the ballots sent to the members of each district the names, addresses and resumes of the candidates nominated for that district, specifying separately the nominations made by the nominating committee and the nominations made by petition. Such specification shall, however, not be included on the printed ballot.

Prior to beginning the petition process, the petitioner must contact GVEA staff to verify petitioner has a GVEA membership in their name for the district in which they are petitioning. Staff can provide a Petition Signature Form, which has been approved by the Association’s Attorney.

In order to secure the required number of valid signatures from the district in which you wish to run, petitioners may request a membership list for their district. This requires signing GVEA’s Confidentiality Agreement – Petitioner and having it notarized. Petitioner should plan to collect at least 25% more than the minimum bylaw requirement referenced above. Signatures collected may be invalid for several reasons including:

  • Signer not on the account
  • Wrong district
  • Both members of a joint account signed – joint accounts qualify as one membership and only one signature will be valid

Contact GVEA staff for these forms.

Applicants using the petition process are required to turn in their petitions no later than 9 a.m. on Wednesday, March 1, 2023. GVEA staff will verify each signature for validation by 5 p.m. that same day and notify candidate of the number of valid signatures.

Note: Applicants must submit ONE petition application for processing by staff by the deadline stated above.

In addition, petitioners are required to complete and submit the following documents no later than the petition submission deadline:

  • Application, completed and e-signed
    Go to our Board of Directors Application page to complete the application online. Follow instructions on page of application. (Section 12)
  • Background Check Report
    The Candidate is responsible for obtaining their background check report directly from the Alaska State Troopers. The cost is $20 per report and generally can be obtained while waiting at the Alaska State Troopers office on Peger Road in Fairbanks or Deborah Street in Delta Junction, Alaska. See Appendix B for a summary of this process. The report must be included as part of your application packet and needs to be dated no earlier than 90 days prior to the application deadline – 5 p.m. on Wednesday, March 1, 2023.