Article I. Membership

Section 1. Requirements for Membership

A person or legal entity will become a member of Golden Valley Electric Association, Inc. (“the Cooperative”) by:

  1. Applying for membership in a manner provided for by the Cooperative; and
  2. Agreeing to purchase from the Cooperative all non-self-generated electric energy used on the premises to be served, except as specified in Article III, Section 1 – Purchase of Electric Energy; and
  3. Agreeing to comply with and be bound by the provisions of the Cooperative’s Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, tariffs, rules and regulations in effect at the time of application and as they may thereafter be amended; and
  4. Incurring regular current monthly charges on an electric account as specified in Article III, Section 1 – Purchase of Electric Energy. “Legal entity” includes a corporation, partnership or other recognized form of business organization, and governmental bodies, including agencies and subdivisions of the Federal, State, Borough and municipal governments.

No person or legal entity may hold more than 1 membership in the Cooperative and no membership in the Cooperative will be transferable, except as provided by these Bylaws.

Section 2. Joint Membership

Any 2 persons may apply for a joint membership and, subject to their compliance with the requirements of Section 1 of this article, may be accepted for such membership. The term “member” as used in these Bylaws includes 2 persons holding a joint membership. Provisions relating to the rights and liabilities of membership apply to each holder of a joint membership. The following rules will apply to joint membership:

  1. The presence at a meeting of either joint member will be regarded as the presence of 1 member and will constitute a joint waiver of notice of the meeting;
  2. The vote of either member will constitute 1 joint vote;
  3. A waiver of notice by either or both members will constitute a joint waiver;
  4. Notice to either member will constitute notice to both;
  5. Withdrawal of either member will terminate the joint membership;
  6. Either, but not both members, may be elected or appointed as an officer or director, provided the candidate meets the qualifications for such office.

Section 3. District Membership

A member having a service connection in 2 or more districts (each of which connection is listed in the name of the same member) is entitled to vote in only 1 district, which should be the district the member designates as being the location of the member’s permanent residence. If the member does not have a permanent residence within a district, then the member will vote in the district the member designates as the member’s principal place of business. If the member does not have either a permanent residence or principal place of business within a district, then the member will vote in a district designated by the member in which the member has service.

Section 4. Conversion of Membership

A membership may be converted to a joint membership, as permitted by Article I, Section 2 of these Bylaws, upon the request of the holder thereof and the agreement by such holder and the proposed joint holder to comply with the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, tariffs, rules, and regulations then in effect and as they may thereafter be amended. Upon the death of either holder who is a party to the joint membership, such membership will be held solely by the survivor.

Section 5. Termination of Membership

  1. A membership is terminated when there no longer exists any electric account in the name of the member for which regular, current monthly statements are rendered.
  2. Upon the withdrawal, death, or cessation of existence of a member, the membership of such member will thereupon terminate. Termination of membership in any manner will not release a member or the member’s estate from any debts due the Cooperative.

Section 6. Area Coverage

The Board will make reasonable efforts to see that electric service is extended to all unserved persons within the Cooperative service area who (a) desire such service and (b) meet all reasonable requirements established by the Cooperative as a condition of such service.