Article III. Rights, Responsibilities & Liabilities of Members

Section 1. Purchase of Electric Energy

  1. Each member will, as soon as electric energy is available, purchase from the Cooperative all non-self generated electric energy used on the premises specified in the member’s service application, and pay at rates which will from time to time be fixed by the Board of Directors (“the Board”); provided, however, that the Board may limit the amount of electric energy which the Cooperative is required to furnish to any member.
  2. Production or use of electric energy on such premises, regardless of the source thereof, by means of facilities, which are interconnected with Cooperative facilities, will be subject to regulation as required by the Cooperative and may limit the amount of self-generation purchased from the member.
  3. It is understood that amounts paid for electric energy in excess of the cost of service are furnished by members as capital, and each member will be credited with the capital, so furnished as provided in these Bylaws. Each member will pay to the Cooperative such minimum amount per month, regardless of the amount of electric energy consumed, as is fixed by the Board from time to time. Each member will also pay all amounts owed to the Cooperative when the same becomes due and payable.

Section 2. Dissolution or Liquidation; Property Interest of Members

  1. Upon dissolution or liquidation, after paying or discharging or adequately providing for the payment or discharge of all its debts, obligations and liabilities, other than those to patrons arising by reason of the patronage, the Cooperative will distribute any remaining sums to patrons for the pro rata return of all amounts standing to their credit by reason of their patronage. Any sums then remaining will be distributed among its members and former members in proportion to their patronage during the capital credit rotation period as set by board policy.
  2. The private property of the members will be exempt from execution or other liability for the debts of the Cooperative, and no member will be liable or responsible for any debts or liabilities of the Cooperative. For purposes of these Bylaws, a patron is a member or former member of the Cooperative. Patronage is the total amount that a patron has paid to the Cooperative for the purchase of electric energy, power and the availability of electric service as charged to electric accounts in the patron’s name.

Section 3. Voting by Members

  1. Consistent with these Bylaws and at the discretion of the Board of Directors, any vote of the membership may be conducted by mail, electronic, or other means, per board policy; and ballots, containing a means of identification of the member, will be returned electronically, by mail, or other means, per Board Policy.
  2. In order to be counted, ballots will be returned to the Cooperative by a time and date specified in the voting instructions, which will be between 21 days and 35 days, inclusive, after the date of mailing.
  3. The ballots will be counted within 7 days of the specified return date.
  4. Unless otherwise specified in these Bylaws, the number of members voting by ballot must be three percent (3%) of the total membership for the vote to be valid. For the purposes of determining the number of members required for a quorum, the books of the Cooperative will be deemed closed on the record date for purposes of distribution of ballots.
  5. A person representing more than 1 type of membership will be entitled to 1 vote for each membership.

Section 4. Utility Bill Round-Up Program

The Cooperative may establish a program to permit members to round up their bills to the nearest dollar. The monies collected will be used for charitable purposes in the Cooperative’s service area. Members may be automatically included in this program, but may voluntarily choose not to participate in the program by request to the Cooperative.