Letter to the Members Who Still Need Meters Replaced

June 11, 2019

Dear Member:

Consistent with GVEA's mission to provide safe, innovative and quality electric service, GVEA's Board of Directors, at its May 28th board meeting, authorized GVEA staff to proceed with the installation of AMI meters across its service area. This decision was not made lightly and GVEA's Board considered all of the data and member feedback received before making a final decision. As a result of this decision, all accounts that had previously deferred installation of an AMI meter will need to have their meters replaced.

An AMI meter has not been installed at your service location(s) listed above. Installation of the new meters is currently taking place and we expect the meter replacement project to be complete by the end of this summer. When the AMI meter is installed, you do not need to be home - provided that GVEA has access to the meter(s) on your property. However, if you would prefer to be present or if access onto your property is restricted, we ask that you please contact GVEA at (907) 458-5709, so that we can schedule a convenient date and time for the meter replacement.

If you would prefer the AMI meter be installed on a meter pole as opposed to your home, GVEA's New Construction representatives would be willing to assist. Keep in mind that the cost associated with moving your meter would be at your expense. New Construction staff may be contacted at (907) 452-1151.

The AMI meters will enable GVEA to operate more efficiently and reliably, while providing you the ability to monitor and manage your electric usage by using GVEA's Member Portal. The AMI meter will also allow GVEA to improve outage detection and restoration efforts at your location.

Please visit our website for additional information about GVEA's meter replacement project. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Monica Grassi
Vice President of Member Services