What is the Meter Replacement Project and why are we doing it?

As part of ongoing system improvements, Golden Valley Electric will be installing new meters over the next two years. GVEA’s current meters were installed nearly 20 years ago. The new meters include new technology that will help GVEA operate more efficiently and improve outage restoration. Benefits of the new meters:


We are able to communicate with these new meters, which help us to identify and diagnose problems quickly and more efficiently, which improves our reliability.

  • Faster response time to outages by pinpointing the exact location of the outage.
  • More precise information on outage details and restoration times.
  • Reduced meter repairs and calibrations – new digital meters require minimal maintenance.


Keeping operational costs low, will help GVEA to operate more efficiently.

  • With remote meter reading and reconnection, we can save time and money and reduce air pollution by having less vehicles on the road.
  • More information will be available about GVEA’s load patterns so more efficient and effective planning can take place.

Customer Service

With more detailed consumer information, we will be able to troubleshoot high-bill concerns, diagnose problems, and assist members with more efficient use of their power consumption.

  • With improved technology we will be able to provide same-day service to residential and small commercial accounts.
  • Detection power theft will be pinpointed.
  • Member will have access to usage data via an online member portal that will go live after all meters are installed.