What kind of equipment does GVEA use to clear?

You will see us clearing with machines, as well as hand clearing. Mechanical clearing is done with a Kershaw brush mower, BobCat forestry mower and a Sky Trim. The mowers cut and mulch the brush. The Sky Trim, which has a 75-foot boom with a rotating saw blade, cuts tree beanches growing towards the power lines. Care should be taken to stay well away from the machines (300 feet is the recommendation), as they can throw pieces of wood or other debris that could cause injury.

Our hands cres clear where the Kershaw mower can’t go, due to restrictive terrain, lawns or close proximity to buildings. Hand crews cut and stack brush along the edge of the right of way, trim the tree branches that the Kershaw Sky Trim cannot reach, and remove hazard trees system-wide.