Will you clear around my electrical service drop?

Service drops are the lines that connect your house or business to GVEA’s high-voltage lines. Since the service drop is owned by the homeowner, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain it. The service drop should be kept clear of trees and brush. Note that small twigs and leaves brushing against the line should not cause any problems with your electric service.

Golden Valley Electric may evaluate hazard trees threatening a service drop, but we are not obligated to cut them. If you have trees you wish to remove that are not classified as hazard trees, GVEA recommends hiring a contractor.

GVEA can also disconnect your service for you in some instances to make the felling of the trees easier and reconnect service when the work is complete. There is no charge for this service during business hours, but please try to provide at least 5 days' notice.

Note: It’s the member’s responsibility to maintain a 4-foot-wide (ground-to-sky) path from their meter to the next pole.

If you would like to report a suspected hazard tree or schedule a temporary disconnect, call our operations department at (907) 451-5692.