Articles of Incorporation

Article VI

The number of Directors of this Corporation shall be 7 who shall manage the affairs and business of the Corporation.

Article V

The period of duration of this Corporation shall be perpetual.

Article IV

The principal place of business of the Corporation shall be 758 Illinois Street, Fairbanks, Alaska 99701.

Article III

The Corporation is not organized for profit and shall not have authority to issue capital stock.

Article II (Amended)

The purpose or purposes for which this Corporation is formed are:

  1. To generate, manufacture, purchase, acquire and accumulate electric energy for its members and to transmit, distribute, furnish, sell and dispose of such electric energy to its members and others, and to construct, erect, purchase, lease as lessee and in any manner acquire, own, hold, maintain, operate, sell, dispose of, lease as lessor, exchange and mortgage plants, buildings, works, machinery, supplies, apparatus, equipment and electric transmission and distribution lines or systems necessary, convenient or useful for carrying out and accomplishing any or all of the foregoing purposes;
  2. To acquire, own, hold, use, exercise and, to the extent permitted by law, to sell, mortgage, pledge, hypothecate and in any manner dispose of franchise, rights, privilege, licenses, rights of way and easements necessary, useful or appropriate to accomplish any or all of the purposes of the Corporation;
  3. To purchase, receive, lease as lessee, or in any other manner acquire, own, hold, maintain, use, convey, sell, lease as lessor, exchange, mortgage, pledge or otherwise dispose of any and all real and personal property or any interest therein necessary, useful or appropriate to enable the Corporation to accomplish any or all of its purposes;
  4. To borrow money, to make and issue bonds, notes and other evidences of indebtedness, secure or unsecured, of moneys borrowed or in payment for property acquired, or for any of the other objects or purposes of the Corporation; to secure the payment of such bonds, notes, or other evidences of indebtedness by mortgage or mortgages, or deed or deeds of trust upon, or by the pledge of or other lien upon, any or all of the property, rights, privileges or permits of the Corporation, wheresoever situated, acquired or to be acquired;
  5. To do and perform, either for itself or its members, any and all acts and things, and to have and exercise any and all powers, as may be necessary or convenient to accomplish any or all of the foregoing purposes or as may be permitted by the Act under which the Corporation is formed.
  6. To acquire, or create an interest in any legal entity.
  7. To operate any legal entity.
Article I

The name of the corporation shall be: Golden Valley Electric Association, Inc.