Goodcents FAQ

Why does GVEA automatically enroll everyone in the program rather than asking members to join?

GVEA’s Member Advisory Committee and Board of Directors considered the benefit of automatically enrolling all members versus voluntary enrollment. Research showed that we would have much better involvement with automatic enrollment, not because members wouldn’t want to participate, but because most people simply wouldn’t take the initiative to contact us to sign up. The program is voluntary in the sense that a member can choose not to participate at any time.

Who chose to implement this round-up program?

In the spring of 2010, all GVEA members were mailed Bylaw election ballots. The addition of a round-up program, or Good¢ents, was one of the ballot initiatives members were asked to vote on. More than 70% voted in favor of a round up program.

Why should I participate?

Good¢ents is a simple way to give back to your community – just a few cents a month makes a big impact. We can do far more together than we could alone. The average member will give $6 per year; that’s only 50 cents per month. This small change adds up to large investments. In total, over $1.3 million in Good¢ents grants have been given to Interior nonprofits.

Who can apply for funds?

Nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations that meet our criteria are welcome to apply. Groups based outside of our service territory can apply if their projects positively impact community members in our service territory.