Goodcents FAQ

Funding Restrictions

Not for political or religious purposes, utility bills, organized labor activities, fundraising, fund drives, advertising or ongoing operational expenses, including payroll.

General Funding Criteria for Organizations
  • Special or emergency need
  • Financial need
  • Supplemental funding
  • Potential benefit to Interior residents and communities
  • Level of community support
  • Fiscal and administrative capability of the organization
  • Tangible results within a specified timeline
General Funding Categories for Organizations
  • Organizations that provide programs and benefits to people who live in GVEA’s service area.
  • Funds to organizations for disaster relief, including programs that provide emergency food, clothing, shelter, medical care, clean up and repair/reconstruction assistance.
  • Community service funds that improve the quality of life by emphasizing public safety, health care, education, self-sufficiency and basic human needs.
  • Economic development activities that promote economic stability, cooperation among communities and identify solutions to local economic and social problems.
  • Educational and leadership programs, projects promoting civic responsibility and programs designed to combat critical social problems affecting our children and youth.
  • Programs and projects that promote community recycling, natural resource preservation and community-based environmental and agricultural education and research programs.
Why does GVEA automatically enroll everyone in the program rather than asking members to join?

GVEA’s Member Advisory Committee and Board of Directors considered the benefit of automatically enrolling all members versus voluntary enrollment. Research showed that we would have much better involvement with automatic enrollment, not because members wouldn’t want to participate, but because most people simply wouldn’t take the initiative to contact us to sign up. The program is voluntary in the sense that a member can choose not to participate at any time.

Who chose to implement this round-up program?

In the spring of 2010, all GVEA members were mailed Bylaw election ballots. The addition of a round-up program, or Good¢ents, was one of the ballot initiatives members were asked to vote on. More than 70% voted in favor of a round up program.