Meter Replacement - Billing & Meter Reading

Does member and account information remain confidential and secure?

Yes. One of Golden Valley’s top priorities is security for our membership. GVEA takes all necessary precautions to ensure that member information remains secure. Consumer information coming over the network is encrypted using the latest technology and has no member identifiable information associated to it.

How will the co-op read the meters?

The cooperative’s billing system will communicate with the substation-installed equipment, which sends a request for one or more meter readings. The meter reading is sent back to the co-op via a secure network.

How accurate are the new meters?

Electronic meters are more accurate than analog or mechanical meters. The new meters installed have been tested and meet American National Standards Institute (ANSI) regulations.

Will this affect my monthly bill?

No. Following the meter change out, the members billing statement will reflect usage from the old and new meter. The amount on a member’s monthly bill will continue to reflect the amount of electricity consumed. If you have any questions or concerns about your bill, you may contact Member Services.