GVEA’s 2016 Election Results

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On Thursday, June 16, 2016, the ballots were tallied. Here are the results of the election:

  • District 5 (primarily serving North Pole):  Incumbent Chris Bunch retains his seat.
    • GVEA’s bylaws state that a 10% return of valid ballots of the total membership of each voting district is required. District 5’s returned ballots did not meet this requirement; therefore, the current director, Chris Bunch, is considered elected and will serve another three-year term (his second).  The individual who ran against Chris Bunch was Hank Bartos.
    • Of the 5,847 ballots issued, only 471 valid ballots were cast, which constitutes an 8% return. Here’s the breakdown:
      • Hank Bartos:  152 votes / 32%
      • Chris Bunch:  319 votes / 68%
  • District 6 (primarily serving Delta Junction):  Incumbent John Sloan was reelected.
    • John Sloan ran unopposed. This is his fourth consecutive term.  He currently serves as secretary of the Board.
    • Of the 1,806 ballots issued, 202 valid ballots were cast, which constitutes an 11% return. All 202 votes went to John Sloan (100%).
  • Bylaw Revision:  The proposed amendments were accepted.
    • With so many amendments to the Bylaws, this was considered a “general revision.” All members were issued a ballot and asked to either vote YES to accept all amendments or NO to reject all amendments.
    • Of the 34,947 ballots issued to the entire membership, 2,985 valid ballots were cast. The minimum requirement of 650 returned ballots was met. Here’s the breakdown:
      • YES:  2,518 / 84%
      • NO:     467 / 16%

Congratulations to the Winners:

  • $150 Electric Certificate:  Darlene Chaffin from Delta Junction.
  • New iPad Air 2:  Jacquelyn Goss of Fairbanks.


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