GVEA Files 2016 Electric Rate Study w/ RCA

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In mid-December, GVEA submitted its 2016 electric rate study to the Regulatory Commission of Alaska (RCA). GVEA is requesting that its revenue requirements be reduced by 1.3 percent (or $3 million annually) and its rates be based more closely to cost-of-service.

The rates being proposed by GVEA results from a detailed cost-of-service analysis, as well as the policy and rate design guidelines established by GVEA’s Board of Directors.

By Alaska law, the RCA now has a period of up to 450 days to issue a final decision in this proceeding. In the interim, GVEA will not be requesting any interim and refundable rate adjustments while this filing is before the RCA. However, the Fuel and Purchased Power rate will continue to be adjusted on a quarterly basis.

The RCA has issued a notice of GVEA’s filing and is now accepting comments. The following links may be helpful if you wish to learn more about this process and/or submit a comment:

  • To view the article on this topic that appeared in the December edition of the Ruralite Magazine, click here (pages 4-6).
    • Note:  After your click the provided link above, mouse over the top edge of the page to trigger a drop-down of choices. From here, select the December 2016 edition, pages 4-6.
    • Note:  This article explains the reasoning behind the rate case.
  • To review GVEA’s Initial Filing with the RCA, click here.
  • To go directly to the Comments area on the RCA website, click here.
    • Note:  The comment period will close at 5pm, Friday, January 20, 2017.
    • Suggestion:  Have comments prepared ahead of time, so they can easily be uploaded to the website.
  • To view the RCA’s Notice of Tariff Filing sheet, click here.
    • This confirms GVEA’s filing and summarizes what GVEA is requesting.
  • Links to GVEA’s press releases on this topic:


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