GVEA’s 2019 Board Election Results

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On Thursday, June 13, 2019, judges from GVEA’s Election Committee certified the results of the 2019 Board of Directors election. Here are the results:

  • District 5 (primarily serving North Pole):  Incumbent Chris Bunch retains his seat.
    • GVEA’s bylaws state that a 10% return of valid ballots of the total membership of each voting district is required. District 5’s returned ballots did not meet this requirement; therefore, the current director, Chris Bunch, is considered elected and will serve another three-year term (his third). The individual who ran against Chris Bunch was Mark Oppe.
    • Of the 6,442 ballots issued, only 580 valid ballots were cast, which constitutes a 9% return.
  • District 6 (primarily serving Delta Junction):  Incumbent John Sloan retains his seat.
    • John Sloan ran unopposed and will be appointed by the board to serve another 3-year term at their June 24 meeting.

Also, at this June’s meeting, the board will accept the 2019 election results and elect officers.

Next year, directors for District 1 (Dave Messier), District 2 (Tom DeLong) and District 3 (Rick Schikora) will be up for election.


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