GVEA’s F&PP Rate Declines as of June 1, 2020

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GVEA’s Fuel and Purchased Power (F&PP) rate, effective June 1, 2020 through August 31, 2020, has decreased from 10.965¢ to 7.095¢ per kilowatt-hour. This is a decrease of 35 percent from the previous F&PP rate approved by the RCA.

Based on the average usage of 600 kWh, the impact of the lower F&PP will decrease a residential member’s monthly bill by approximately $23.

The main reason for the decrease is the lower fuel prices, due to impacts from COVID-19. The F&PP is adjusted on a quarterly basis and is billed based on kWh consumption. The current F&PP includes a true-up of actual data from the prior three-month period (March through May), as well as an estimate for June through August.

The F&PP rate is directly related to the price of fuel to generate power and the cost to purchase power from other utilities (like Aurora Energy and Chugach Electric Assn., for example) and is recalculated on a quarterly basis.

Here’s a list of the F&PP charges over the past four quarters:

  • June 1, 2020:   7.095¢
  • Mar 1, 2020:  10.965¢
  • Dec 1, 2019:  10.998¢
  • Sept 1, 2019:   9.177¢


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