Healy Unit 2 Update

by | Aug 31, 2017 | Healy Unit 2 (HCCP) | 0 comments

At the August 28, 2017 GVEA Board meeting, the board of directors authorized staff to move forward with proposed modifications to the Healy Power Plant’s coal feed and fuel transport system that serves Unit 2.

The proposed modifications are a result of detailed analysis performed by MillPro LLC, an industry expert, to determine the root cause of two mill puff explosions and to prevent future explosions. It’s estimated that the modifications will be complete and the plant will become operational in July of 2018.

When GVEA purchased Healy Unit 2 in December 2013, it was understood that many modifications were needed to make the plant safe and reliable. GVEA is confident that the proposed modifications to the coal feed and fuel transport system will achieve this goal.


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