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Join the MAC

Have you ever wondered:

  • Why is electricity expensive in Interior Alaska?
  • If we have the most powerful battery backup system, why does the power still go out?
  • Who decides which directors are on the ballot each year?
  • What’s GVEA’s perspective on hydropower?

Joining the MAC is a great way to find out more about your electric cooperative and provide valuable feedback.

MAC members meet monthly (the second Wednesday evening of the month) and serve three-year terms. They receive $45 per meeting and 55.5₵ per mile for travel.

The MAC is made up of three members from each of GVEA’s seven geographic districts. MAC members serve on co-op committees like the district nominating committees, the annual meeting committee and the election committee.

Interested in applying? March 22 is the deadline. You can find the application materials on our website. All GVEA members (except employees) are eligible to serve. The MAC is selected by current MAC members whose terms are not expiring this year.

“The thing I’ve been most impressed with is the accessibility of the GVEA administration and the highly professional and informative monthly presentations. The experience is enhanced by the diverse contributions of all the members of the MAC.” Derek Miller, MAC member (pictured)


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