Interior experiences widespread outages

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Thursday 8:12am – power has been restored to Delta. Trees falling into the powerline were the culprit.

Thursday 4:40am update – we’re showing approximately 900 members out in the Delta area of Nistler Rd, Remington Rd., the Clearwater area. Crews have been dispatched.

Thursday 1am update – all of Delta has been restored. Outages could continue due to weather conditions,

5pm update: 82 people in Delta are still without power. Crews are doing a great job!

4:30pm update: Work continues in the Delta area with approximately 200 people still without power. Crews will continue working in this area until power is restored but they will not get ahead of this until the wind stops blowing. We still have 94 people out along the Richardson Hwy from the Salcha River to the Midway Lodge area. Crews are working as quickly and safety as possible. Thanks for your continued patience.

1:30pm outage update: we still have 500 members without power between the Salcha River and Midway. Crews are still in the area clearing trees out of the powerline. In Delta, we’re down to 500 members without power. The situation is the same in that area – trees are being removed so power can be restored.

10:30am outage update: crews continue to work the Salcha and Delta outage but they are making progress. They are finding and removing trees that have fallen into powerlines. Currently, they are patrolling from the Salcha River to Midway looking for trees problems.

Part of Delta has power and other areas are still without power. Again, trees are the problems and crews continue to work this area.

9am outage update: Four crews worked throughout the night and continue today to patrol the lines from Johnson Rd south to all areas around Delta. They have found trees in the line and are currently removing them.

The outage began at 9:14pm last night when three events happened at once. The Intertie went down near the Anchorage area, the BESS tripped off-line and a fault occurred on the 138 transmission line serving the Delta area. The cause of all of these events is undetermined at this time.

Local generation was started and loads were gradually picked up as we stabilized our system. Approximately 33,000 members were affected with the majority of outages ranging from 8 minutes to 2 hours.


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