Board of Directors Meetings

The Monday, November 23, 2020, Board Meeting will be open to the public via Microsoft Teams and/or telephone (see instructions). Members who wish to participate will need to join at:  
    • Open Session begins at 6:30pm using these details:
    • Members are welcome to attend meetings. As a courtesy, we ask members interested in attending to notify the co-op’s executive administrative assistant, Susan Redlin, prior to the meeting. Email or call 458-5721.

    BoardroomGolden Valley’s Board of Directors normally meet the fourth Monday of each month in the board room at our Fairbanks facility. GVEA will post agendas on this webpage about ten days prior to each meeting. Posting of meeting minutes will follow board approval (typically after the following month’s meeting).

     Curious about the election process?

    Regular Board Meetings

    Unless otherwise specified, all Board meetings are held in the Board Room at our main headquarters location, which is 758 Illinois St., Fairbanks. 

    • There is typically a closed “executive session” that begins between 3:30pm and 5:00pm (depending on need). 
    • The open session, which all members are welcome to attend, begins at 6:30 p.m. 

    Current Year Meeting Minutes:  For meetings that have already been held, click on the meeting date (below) to view approved meeting minutes. Note: If the meeting minutes are not yet available, the Member Book, which includes the agenda, will remain posted until such time that the approved meeting minutes are posted.

    Previous Years’ Meeting Minutes:  The previous two years’ Board meeting minutes are available to the right. Should you need to view earlier Board meeting minutes, you may request those by contacting the Executive Office to learn how to go about obtaining those.

    2020 Meeting Dates