My Bill Explained

Customer Charge

  • A fixed monthly charge for the availability of electric service
  • This charge covers costs associated with providing customer service and expenses related to meters, customer accounting and billing

Regulatory Charge

  • Golden Valley Electric Association (GVEA) is a regulated utility – This charge is set by and funds the Regulatory Commission of Alaska

Good¢ents Donation

  • Rounds up bill to the nearest dollar
  • This amount is not in connection with any goods or services
  • Collection amounts are authorized by GVEA Bylaws
  • The small change from each bill is pooled together and raises thousands of dollars every year that go to building a stronger community
  • The program is overseen by a volunteer board of trustees
  • Visit our Good¢ents page for more information

Calculating Your Monthly Bill

  • You can calculate your monthly bill based on your prior kWh usage with our bill calculator
  • Your kWh usage is shown on your monthly billing statement

What is a Kilowatt-Hour

  • The term “kilowatts” (one kilowatt is 1,000 watts) is usually used when speaking of power production or power needs
  • A power plant generates kilowatts; power is billed in units called kilowatt-hours (kWh)
  • For example, a 100-watt light bulb left on for 10 hours uses one kWh of electricity
  • A typical GVEA residential consumer uses 600 kWh per month

Utility Charge

  • Covers operation costs (power plants, substations, interest on loans, depreciation, power poles, transformers, etc.) and billed on kilowatt-hours (kWh) used

Fuel & Purchased Power

  • Directly related to the price of fuel to generate power and the cost to purchase power from other utilities (e.g. Aurora Energy and Chugach Electric Association) and is calculated quarterly

Demand Charge

  • GS2 and GS3 rates for businesses and industry and includes a demand charge per kilowatt
  • Demand is the maximum rate of delivery of electric energy during the month, measured in kilowatts and registered as the highest average rate of energy used over any 15-minute period during the month

Electric Reliability Organization (ERO) Charge

  • This charge supports the state mandated Railbelt Reliability Council (RRC) which was approved as the Electric Reliability Organization (ERO) by the Regulatory Commission of Alaska in September of 2022.
  • The primary mission of the RRC is to ensure grid reliability by developing and enforcing technically sound reliability standards, reducing long-term costs through grid-wide resource planning, and designing consistent interconnection protocols for grid users.
  • Like most of GVEA’s rates, the impact of the ERO charge is based on your monthly kWh usage. For more information and questions about the RRC, please visit: