Good¢ents Grants Awarded in November 2020

The Good¢ents Board of Trustees met in November. 6 applications were reviewed, and 5 grants totaling $23,270 were awarded. Here’s a summary of these recent grants:

Access Alaska: $8,000 grant to purchased an unexpectedly needed furnace to adequately heat the separated office and warehouse spaces of its new facility on Peger Road.

Athabascan Fiddlers Association: $1,930 grant to use toward the completion of long-awaited upgrades to the station that include all digital broadcast equipment and a professionally soundproofed studio.

Fairbanks Montessori School: $640 grant to acquire sensory materials to work in conjunction with their Montessori materials to meet the needs of all of their students.

Morris Thompson Cultural & Visitor Center: $4,000 grant to install solar sensors in their lobby. These will control a bank of 166 LED lights, turning them off when ambient light from the windows is adequate saving about three thousand hours per year of electricity usage. The savings will support the work of their non-profit partner organizations, allowing them to dedicate more of their funds to their core services that benefit local businesses and people.

Tri Valley Volunteer Fire Department: $8,700 grant to purchase of a new Equinox Snowbulance rescue sled so that they may continue to provide quick, efficient, reliable care to the residents of Healy and the thousands of tourist and seasonal workers that visit the area throughout the year.

Tri-valley volunteer fire department

All grants from the Good¢ents Foundation are awarded to nonprofit organizations within GVEA’s service area. Applications are reviewed quarterly in February, May, August and November by a volunteer board of trustees. The next application deadline is July 31, 2021. Applications and more information about the program can be found on our Good¢ents Program page.

Good¢ents is funded by the generous members of Golden Valley Electric Association. Since the program began in 2011, GVEA members have funded grants totaling $1,190,852.76.

Thank you to all of the members who voluntarily “round up” their monthly billing statement to the next dollar. The cents you contribute are greatly appreciated and really make a difference within the communities GVEA serves.