GVEA 2022 Board of Director Election Results

District 6 elects Fred Sheen with 46.7% of the votes returned.

This afternoon, Golden Valley Electric Association (GVEA)’s Election Committee certified the results of the 2022 Board of Directors election for District 6. Of the 2,001 ballots mailed, 360 valid ballots were cast, an 18% return.

In January, District 6 board director John Sloan announced his retirement after 15 years of service to GVEA members. We thank him for his leadership and dedication.

Here are the results of the District 6 election:

There were 3 candidates on the ballot for District 6: Peter Hallgren, Fred Sheen and Eileen Williams.

Fred Sheen received the most votes, leading Peter Hallgren and Eileen Williams.

  • Peter Hallgren: 82 votes / 22.8%
  • Fred Sheen: 168 votes / 46.7%
  • Eileen Williams: 110 votes / 30.6%

Of the valid ballots cast, 281 were paper ballots and 79 were online ballots.

There were sufficient votes cast to meet the 10% total membership of the district threshold required by GVEA bylaws.

Fred Sheen received at least 40% of the votes cast required to be elected consistent with GVEA’s bylaws.

Congratulations to Fred Sheen, he will officially join the GVEA Board of Directors during the June 28, 2022 Board Meeting. GVEA also extends our sincere appreciation to all of the candidates. We recognize the commitment required to run for office.

One of the major advantages of being a member of an electric cooperative is local, democratic governance. Every GVEA member receiving electric service has a vote in director elections, and all directors who serve on the board are members, making decisions in the best interest of the membership. Thank you to all members in District 6 who took the time to vote for your GVEA Director.

Next year, Directors for District 1 (David Messier), District 2 (Tom DeLong) and District 3 (Rick Solie) will be up for election. For more information about GVEA’s Board of Directors, visit our Board of Directors page.