GVEA Annual Member Survey

GVEA is working with National Rural Electric Cooperative Association’s (NRECA) Market Research Services to conduct our annual 9-minute member survey. Feedback from the confidential survey will be used to guide future efforts and will help GVEA provide the best service possible.

Members will be randomly selected, with proportional representation from each district. NRECA will reach out to members by phone and email and they will identify themselves as communicating on behalf of GVEA.

  • Phone calls will be from area code “844” and the caller ID will read, “Cooperative Response Center.”
  • Emails will be addressed from Golden Valley Electric Association, and the reply-to address will be from NRECA

Members who want to verify the legitimacy of the survey will be given the option to reschedule the call to give the member a chance to call GVEA directly. If NRECA calls a member and does not get an answer, they will leave a message and may try to contact them again in the future.

The survey sample size is 400 members; 200 by phone and 200 by email. Results will be available in late December and will be shared publicly.

Should you receive a survey call or email, we sincerely appreciate your participation.