GVEA Receives Proposal for a 36-Megawatt Power Generation Project with Wind, Solar & Battery Components

Golden Valley Electric Association (GVEA) received a request from Delta Junction Renewable Resources, LLC for a proposed 36-megawatt self-certified qualifying facility located in Delta Junction, Alaska. The project is described as consisting of 90% wind, 10% solar and a battery energy storage system.

GVEA is legally obligated to evaluate the proposed project and file a facility-specific tariff for interconnection, integration, purchase and sale of the project energy with the Regulatory Commission of Alaska (RCA) within 60 days. GVEA has until May 2 to file a tariff with the RCA.

As a qualifying facility, Delta Junction Renewable Resources is entitled to sell energy to GVEA at the avoided cost of the energy it replaces.

The project has the potential to supply approximately 6% of GVEA’s annual energy sales. GVEA’s tariff will be based on a method previously approved by the Regulatory Commission of Alaska that ensures that members are not exposed to increased costs if GVEA’s generation becomes less-efficient due to the added variable generation resources being used.

GVEA will proceed in good faith to evaluate the project proposed by Delta Junction Renewable Resources to determine how its operations will affect GVEA and to consider the project in GVEA’s long term generation planning.

Golden Valley Electric Association serves over 100,000 residents in Interior Alaska. The cooperative’s mission is to safely provide members with reliable electric service, quality customer service and innovative energy solutions at fair and reasonable prices.

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