GVEA Evaluating Proposed Wind Project in Delta; Evaluation coincides with release of renewable energy Request for Information.

On Jan. 6, 2021, Golden Valley Electric Association (GVEA) received a request from Eco Green Generation LLC (Eco Green) for an interconnection tariff for a 42-megawatt (MW) wind farm to be located in Delta Junction. As represented by Eco Green, the proposed project will generate wind power to sell to GVEA and three other entities – Chugach Electric Association, Matanuska Electric Association and the Alaska Energy Authority.

Eco Green self-certified the proposed project as a Qualifying Facility (QF) with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Having received Eco Green’s QF filing, GVEA is now legally obligated to evaluate the proposed project within 60 days and, assuming that Eco Green has provided sufficient information, develop a site-specific tariff for interconnection, integration, purchases and sales of the wind from the Eco Green project. GVEA has requested additional information from Eco Green regarding its wind project and the specific energy sales Eco Green proposes to make to GVEA and the other three entities.

Eco Green’s QF filing coincides with GVEA’s intended issuance of a request for proposal (RFP) for renewable energy. In December, GVEA announced plans to release a RFP for renewable energy projects ranging from 15 to 30 MWs. The goal of the RFP is to enable GVEA to evaluate potential renewable energy projects through a competitive bid process, and then select a project, or combination of projects, to incorporate into GVEA’s future generation strategy. This process will allow GVEA to review multiple projects in tandem, thereby assisting in identifying renewable projects with the best synergy to help offset system limitations associated with incorporating renewables into its electrical system. All proposals received by GVEA will be evaluated to determine the impact on member rates and on carbon emissions.

Although GVEA is legally obligated to evaluate Eco Green’s 42 MW wind QF, GVEA also intends to proceed with its RFP process, however, now in two stages. GVEA will first issue a Request for Information (RFI) to interested parties, followed by a full RFP to those who responded to the RFI. The staged approach will give GVEA time to evaluate the Eco Green project as required under federal and state law, while simultaneously enabling interested parties to submit information regarding their proposed projects. This will also allow parties to submit initial renewable energy proposals, without expending significant resources in responding to a full RFP. Once GVEA can clarify technical aspects of the proposed Eco Green project and is able to determine what amount of additional renewable energy it can add into its system, if any, a full RFP will be issued.

As the Railbelt Utility with the largest wind farm and the second largest solar farm, GVEA is a champion of renewable energy. However, the mission of providing low-cost, safe, reliable electric service to all members remains at the forefront of GVEA’s efforts.

Golden Valley Electric Association serves over 36,000 members, with 44,800 meters, in Interior Alaska. The Cooperative’s mission is to safely provide these members with reliable electric service, quality customer service and innovative energy solutions at fair and reasonable prices.

For additional information: Meadow Bailey, (907) 451-5676,

75th Anniversary Message from John Burns

Today is a special one for Golden Valley Electric. On this day, 75 years ago, nine pioneers executed the Articles of Incorporation for GVEA. Milestones like this are opportunities for us to reflect on and celebrate all that has been accomplished over the past 75 years.

Over the many decades of our cooperative’s history, our mission has remained essentially the same: safe delivery of reliable electric to our members at fair and reasonable prices. The quality of our employees has also remained unchanged. From the first hire of a bookkeeper in 1948 to the nearly 280 employees today, GVEA has consistently employed outstanding individuals. They are all family, friends, community leaders and members of this cooperative, just like you, working hard each day to fulfill our mission. I am proud of all they continue to accomplish.

Our 75th anniversary is a celebration of GVEA’s legacy, its long journey, who we are today and our exciting future ahead. Seventeen people attended what was GVEA’s first organizational meeting. Nearly 100,000 Interior members are now served by the cooperative in Fairbanks, Delta Junction, Nenana, Healy and Cantwell, and out to 48-mile Steese Highway, 11-mile Elliot Highway and 26-mile Chena Hot Springs Road. We’ve come a long way and owe a great deal to the nine original incorporators.

As part of our ongoing effort to expand renewable energy and reach our carbon reduction goal, while not adversely affecting reliability or rates, we will issue a request for proposals (RFP) for 15-30 MW of renewable energy this month. We are dedicated to continuing to add renewable power to the system in addition to a diverse fuel supply of coal, oil, natural gas and hydroelectric power. I am proud of GVEA’s commitment to innovative and exciting energy solutions for the past 75 years and look forward to all that is to come.

To all our employees, members, stakeholders and friends – I thank you for your continued support of Golden Valley Electric Association. We look forward to sharing more history and milestones with you in celebration of our 75th Anniversary throughout the year via Ruralite Magazine, local publications and our website and social platforms.

Here’s to another 75 fantastic years.

John Burns, President & CEO

GVEA to Issue RFP for Renewable Energy

In January, Golden Valley Electric Association (GVEA) will issue a request for proposals (RFP) for 15-30 MW of renewable energy. GVEA is sharing this information in advance of releasing the RFP in an effort to encourage responses from interested parties.

The RFP will focus on renewable energy generation from solar, wind, battery, hydroelectric or any other renewable energy solution as detailed in the RFP. The RFP process enables GVEA to evaluate potential projects with the goal of selecting a project, or projects, that provide significant benefit to GVEA’s electric system and members.

This RFP is part of an ongoing effort by GVEA to expand renewable energy while providing low-cost, safe and reliable electric service. The power generated from renewable energy can replace some of the existing power generation GVEA receives from fossil fuels, assisting GVEA in reaching its carbon reduction goal.

GVEA has a history of championing renewable energy in the Interior. GVEA currently receives 16.9% of the hydropower generated at Bradley Lake. This low-cost, environmentally clean power has been transmitted to the Interior via the Intertie since 1991. In 2012, GVEA launched Alaska’s largest wind farm, Eva Creek and in 2018, GVEA established Alaska’s first community-based Solar Farm.

Since 2005, GVEA has collaborated with SNAP Producers who produce small-scale renewable energy. In addition to the SNAP Program, GVEA offers eligible members the opportunity to participate in the Experimental Renewable Resource Purchase Program. GVEA was the first Alaskan utility to offer a program of this kind.

While GVEA champions renewable energy, our main goal of providing low-cost, safe and reliable electric service to members remains at the forefront. As part of the RFP evaluation, GVEA will work to select projects that do not adversely affect reliability or rates.

When the renewable energy RFP is issued, GVEA will distribute a press release and post the RFP at

Golden Valley Electric Association serves over 36,000 members, with 44,800 meters, in Interior Alaska. The Cooperative’s mission is to safely provide members with reliable electric service, quality customer service and innovative energy solutions at fair and reasonable prices.

For additional information:
Meadow Bailey
(907) 451-5676

Effective Jan. 1, GVEA will be a Tobacco-Free Workplace

To ensure a healthy atmosphere for our employees, members and visitors, GVEA facilities are going tobacco-free effective January 1, 2021.

Smoking and the use of tobacco products is prohibited on all property owned, leased or under the control of GVEA. This includes buildings and surrounding grounds, walkways and sidewalks, work sites, parking lots and company vehicles.

This policy applies to all employees, contractors and vendors. For more information, review GVEA’s Tobacco Use policy.

Run for GVEA’s Board of Directors

Application deadline is 5pm on January 20, 2021, in GVEA’s Fairbanks office.

fourcolor-small-rgbIf you have been waiting for an opportunity to get involved in your cooperative, here is a good one. Nominating Committees in GVEA’s Districts 4 and 7 are seeking board of director applicants. If you live in one of these districts and are interested in serving, contact a member of your nominating committee. Alternatively, you can visit our website for the following information:

Directors attend monthly board meetings and frequent committee meetings. Some travel and national certification are required. On average, directors can expect to spend 500 hours a year on GVEA-related business. Board members are paid meeting fees and mileage.

District 4 Nominating Committee:

District 4 includes downtown Fairbanks, north of Airport Way and east of Peger Rd up to the Chena River; the subdivisions of Island Homes, Hamilton Acres, Shannon Park and Birchwood Homes; all areas east of the Steese Hwy heading north out of Fairbanks and south of Goldstream Rd, including Chena Hot Springs Rd; also Secluded Acres Subd, located east of Ft. Wainwright and north of the Chena River. Click HERE to view a map.

  • Angela Ritchie, chairperson: 907-394-7250
  • Katrina Abramowicz
  • David Forstrom
  • Ruth Knapman
  • Sue Sherif

District 7 Nominating Committee:

District 7 includes the areas of Nenana, Clear, Anderson, Healy, McKinley Village and Cantwell. Click HERE to view a map.

  • Terry Hinman, chairperson: 907-973-7547
  • John Kelleher

Contact the District Nominating Committee chairperson in your district to express your interest in applying for GVEA’s Board of Directors or to suggest someone from your district.

Not sure which district you live in? Your district number is printed on your GVEA bill.

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