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How much is that old refrigerator in the garage costing me?

It’s awesome for keeping soda and beer cold, but what’s the annual cost? The Energy Star website has a cool calculator that can help you do the math. Make sure you put in our local electric rate of $0.22 per kilowatt-hour. Here are the annual electricity cost...

Annual meeting draws record breaking crowd

The International Year of the Cooperative is upon us. “As a cooperative, GVEA is not-for-profit,” said President & CEO Brian Newton at this year’s annual meeting on April 25. “That means we sell power power at cost to our members.” As residents of Interior Alaska...

We’re giving away free trees on May 19

We’re giving away free trees on May 19

Be sure to stop by our Fairbanks offices on Saturday, May 19 to pick up your free tree (sapling). A limited supply of trees will also be available at our Delta and Nenana offices on Friday. We’ll start handing out trees at 9 a.m. First come, first served. Supplies are...

There’s always another side to the story

At 700-feet tall, the Susitna Dam would be the fifth tallest in the United States. It would generate an annual average of 2,500,000 megawatt-hours - nearly 50 percent of the electricity demand along the Railbelt. The dam would provide long-term, stable rates over an...

Good¢ents helps non-profits expand food assistance

Good¢ents helps non-profits expand food assistance

After reviewing 10 applications, the Good¢ents trustees awarded funds to the following seven applicants in February. Here is a breakdown: Individual: $4,600 helped cover transportation, temporary housing and boarding expenses for an individual undergoing emergency...

Why do you shut off the power when it is cold outside?

Why do you shut off the power when it is cold outside?

Unpaid bills cost everyone Lately, we have taken some heat for turning off power to residential meters during the winter months. We really don't like turning anyone's power off, but out of fairness to the membership, we have to do it. It costs money to generate and...


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