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Beware of free food; it may come with a scam

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is… The little green postcards are making their way around town again and they aren't from GVEA. While a free dinner at the Turtle Club with your significant other might sound tempting, beware: there is a catch. These...

Two students to attend Youth Rally in Idaho

We planned to send one, but after receiving seven great applications for the Youth Rally, we decided to select two students. Congratulations to West Valley junior Nick Woolf and Monroe Catholic sophomore, Olivia Dowling, who will travel to the leadership rally on July...

GVEA is owned by its members

And if you are a member, we hope you’ll join us for this year’s Annual Members’ Meeting next Tuesday. New this year, kids will have a chance to dress like a lineman and have a photo button made. There will also be a balloon artist and Wii game giveaways. Adults and...

Which light is the brightest?

It’s a common question, right? We hear members complain about the low light output of CFLs on a regular basis. In a previous video, we timed how long it takes a 14-watt CFL to warm up. In this video, we examine the usable light output (in foot candles) of three...

How long does it take a CFL to warm up?

Sometimes we hear members complaining that compact fluorescent bulbs take awhile to warm up and reach full light output. How long do they really take to warm up? Watch the short video to find out:

What kinds of light bulbs should I be buying?

This is a common question from our members. This month, we’re going to spend some time looking at the different types of bulbs you can buy and which might be best suited for your home or office. Specifically, we will analyze incandescent bulbs, LEDs and compact...


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