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Why does GVEA charge for fuel on my electric bill?

Hey! What’s this fuel and purchased power charge on my bill? And why is it higher than the utility charge? We get this question a lot. And as a GVEA employee and member – and the bill payer at my house -- the fuel and purchased power charge isn’t my favorite part of...

All GVEA lobbies closed today (Monday, February 28)

So we can provide you with better service in the future, our member services lobbies -- Fairbanks, Delta and Nenana -- are closed today, Monday, February 28, while our employees perform a major upgrade to our customer service database. If you are calling to make a...

What’s the status of wind power?

"I've seen ads for the Delta Wind Farm recently. They're asking that I support them when the Golden Valley Board of Directors decides whether or not to use their electricity.  I've looked at the renewable energy project and it looks good.  Is there any reason why we...

GVEA to send local student to Youth Rally

Attention all high school sophomores and juniors: this is your opportunity to win an all-expenses paid trip to a fun-filled week of activities and learning. For the first time, GVEA will sponsor one local student's enrollment in the 2011 Idaho Youth Rally at the...

How much could an electric heater really add to my bill?

“I’m so tired of paying such high fuel bills in the winter. I’m thinking of turning down my thermostat and plugging in a few electric heaters. Is this a good idea?” asked a member recently. The short answer is no. The cost to fill your fuel tank may seem high, but, in...

Who owns the power line connecting to my house?

“A tree fell into the power line at my friend’s house last year and GVEA came to fix the line. The power line connected to my house is underground and when my power went out last winter, you set up a temporary above ground line and told me I was responsible for the...


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