Phone Issues During Outage Probably Tied to Cell Phone Towers

by | Sep 22, 2016 | IVR, Outages | 0 comments

GVEA conducted research into comments received from members about not being able to get through to GVEA’s phone system during the widespread outage that occurred Tuesday night. This was of significant importance to GVEA, since we were assured that the Interactive Phone Response (IVR) phone system we installed earlier this year could handle all incoming calls.

The research concluded that GVEA’s IVR system accepted all the calls that reached our IVR system during the entire outage (i.e. no calls were dropped nor was a busy signal relayed). Those issues that members conveyed to GVEA were probably tied to overwhelmed cell phone towers. We’re not sure if any cell phone towers were without power during the outage. But if that were the case, then that would have put a greater strain on the towers still operating.


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