GVEA’s annual meeting and the Customer Charge

by | Oct 7, 2010 | GVEA Annual Meeting | 2 comments

“I would like to know why, at the Annual Membership Meeting, we only received $15 customer credit for attending when the new Customer Charge is $17.50. Why wasn’t the full Customer Charge given?” emailed a member recently.

GVEA offers incentives for attending the annual meeting in April. Upon registration, members have their choice of a $15 membership account credit or an energy saving device. The energy saving device is of similar value, may change yearly and is selected by the Annual Meeting Committee and GVEA staff. The meeting registration credit has nothing to do with the Customer Charge found on your bill.

For those members who haven’t been to the meeting, we also hold cash prize drawings at the end of the night and give away a retired car from our fleet. Last year, we gave away a 1992 Ford Ranger.


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