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What is this fuel charge on my bill?

This charge covers all costs of the fuel that's purchased to operate our power plants, as well as power purchased from other utilities. For example, we purchase power from Aurora Energy - the power plant in downtown Fairbanks - and natural gas-fired power from Anchorage. The charge is calculated quarterly and multiplied by the kilowatt-hours used each month. The charge's calculation encompasses a three-month projection of power costs and a true-up of actual power costs from the prior quarter.

Who gets the Good¢ents funds?

The Good¢ents Board of Trustees meets quarterly to review applications and allocate funds to eligible causes. Visit the Good¢ents webpage to read about the grants previously awarded.

How can I pay my bill?

There are many ways to pay your bill.

  • Call our office Monday - Friday between 8:00am and 5:00pm (except holidays) to make a payment over the phone.
  • You can pay online with GV E-Bill
  • Stop by one of our three Member Services office lobbies
  • Drop boxes are available at our three Member Service office locations
  • Submit our Contact Form to request a call back
  • Mail the payment in the postage-paid envelope provided with all billing statements
  • Sign up for Auto Pay

What is a BTA, and how do I get one?

BTA is short for "Between Tenants Agreement." If a landlord opts for a BTA, the property is put into his/her name automatically when the tenant schedules a disconnect. The landlord will also be notified if the tenant falls delinquent and the property is in danger of disconnection, at which time an active BTA will receive an "Option of Subscribing for Service" notice. If the landlord does not subscribe or no payment is made by the date declared in the notice, power would be scheduled for disconnection.

Download a Between Tenants Agreement form to get started.

Can you check my meter?

Yes, you can schedule to have your meter tested. However, it’s extremely rare for a meter to run fast. Before assuming your meter is causing the high bill, we recommend auditing your household consumption. Read your meter every day at approximately the same time. And if you have time, read it every twelve hours.

The average residential member consumes just more than 20 kilowatt-hours each day. By reading your meter twice a day, you can keep track of what appliances consume the most energy in your house. Try this: switch off appliances systematically using your breaker box. Find the breaker that is consuming the most electricity and identify what’s on that circuit. We do not recommend shutting off the boiler or furnace during the winter months.

After auditing your usage, if you still think your meter is the problem, we can test it. Keep in mind, though, if the meter is tested and found to be accurate, you will be charged $40 for the meter test.

Some ideas for  high usage can result from plugging in vehicles (without the use of a timer), using electric heaters, heat tape used on pipes, additional freezers or an element that's going bad on an appliance.

Visit our Ways to Save page for help identifying the biggest energy users in your home.


Payment Options

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