Moving in? Connect your service

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Moving BoxIndividuals

If you are connecting a service in your name, it can generally be done over the phone. Please gather the following information and give us a call:

  • New physical address OR meter number (4 or 5 digit number following GVEA or Golden Valley Electric Association located at the bottom of the meter face) 
  • Meter read
  • New mailing address, if applicable

GVEA will also obtain a soft credit inquiry for new members or any member who has not had active service with GVEA in the past 24 months.



If the account will be in a business name, the connect must be done in writing by an authorized signer for the business. 

For any new business membership, a security deposit will be collected and the following documents will be required.

Information can be hand-delivered to our nearest office, faxed to 907-458-6365 or submitted via our Contact Form.


Moving Out? Disconnect or deactivate your service


If you are a residential account holder, call our Member Services Dept. at 907-452-1151 (Option 2) to schedule your disconnect over the phone. and save yourself a trip to our office. There are times when the service you request will require a visit to our office.

NOTE: Only an authorized signer on the account may request a disconnect.

Disconnect Request Form



To request a disconnect of an account in a business name, the request must be issued in writing by an authorized signer for the business.

Information can be hand-delivered, faxed to 907-458-6365 or submitted via our Contact Form.


Between Tenants Agreement

All requests to cancel a Between Tenants Agreement (BTA) on an account must be made in writing by the account holder.

Information can be hand-delivered, faxed to 907-458-6365 or submitted via our Contact Form.

Standard Fees

Fees will be determined when you call our office. Here's a general description of fees:

Record fee $10 The record fee is applied to each connect order.

Connect fee This charge varies based on notice (24-hour vs. same-day) and the distance of the location from GVEA's offices.

Read fee $20 This fee applies when a member requests that GVEA personnel obtain the initial read from the meter.

Deposits These charges apply to members with impaired credit. They typically start at $120 and must paid at the time the connection is scheduled. Deposits are refundable following 12 months of consecutive service with no more than two past due payments. One delinquency is allowed, but it may not occur during the most recent six months.

Office Numbers


1-800-771-GVEA (4832)

Payment Options

Now More Ways to Pay Your Bill:

  • Online ... GV E-Bill
  • Mobile App 
  • Automated Phone System
  • Payment Kiosk ... NEW!
  • More...

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