Right-of-Way Maintenance Program

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When Golden Valley Electric Association (GVEA)’s right-of-way crews clear an area around nearby power lines, your power should not be affected. In fact, this program is in place to prevent trees from growing into the power lines. Golden Valley Electric attempts to notify residents of ROW clearing plans well in advance. Members in areas where power lines will be cleared should receive a postcard notification. You may also download the

GVEA ROW Maintenance Plan (PDF)

The 2023 Right-of-Way clearing season is already underway. Crews have begun clearing hazardous trees threatening contact with energized power lines. Below you will find a list of clearing areas with an approximate timeframe that we expect crews to be in those locations. Please note that this information is subject to change. For the most up-to-date information on where crews are currently and will be in the future, please check GVEA’s Facebook page – it is updated weekly. If you have any questions, please call the Operations Department at (907) 451-5692.

Early Spring

  • A crew running aerial saws and hand crews continue to clear trees away from the primary lines throughout the system.
  • rush clearing machines are using the still partially frozen conditions to access areas off Badger Road and Shaw Creek north of Delta Junction.

Delta Junction

  • Crews will clear the highway corridor through the City of Delta Junction, north along the Richardson Highway to Tenderfoot. (May-June)

South Fairbanks/North Pole

  • Mowing crews will start on the southeast end of Fairbanks clearing brush along Van Horn from Lathrop to Lakeview, then south along the Richardson. (June-July)
  • These crews will continue heading south between Badger Road and the Richardson Highway until they reach the Chena Lakes Flood Control Project and recreation area toward the end of season. (August-November)

East Fairbanks (All aerial saw work)

  • Crews will finish work along Holmes and Badger, moving into the Old Richardson and Bradway area until the weather dries the ground up in the hills. (May)
  • Crews will pick up where they left off on Goldmine Trail and some of Chena Hot Springs Road from Birch Hill to Juniper. (June-July)
  • Crews will move west of the Steese Highway onto the areas along Farmers Loop, McGrath Road and Skyline Drive. (August-September)

Central Fairbanks (Contracting)

  • Chena Substation B3, B4, B5, and B6 clearing will resume what was started in 2022 by GVEA contractor, Top Notch Tree Removal.
    • This is a large portion of Fairbanks, mostly North of Airport Way and south of the Chena River, bordered on the east near Noble Street (the length of 7th Avenue and a line that goes between 10th and 12th extend further east) and the west at Park Drive. This substation also feeds the Railroad Industrial Park area and Brandt neighborhoods north of the Chena River. On the south side of Airport Way there is a line that goes down Peger Road to Davis Road and another line that goes down Cowles Road as far as 17th ave on East Cowles Road. The north side of Kennicott Avenue is also included. On the south side of Airport Way is Market Street to South Kobuk Street, which will be cleared as well.
  • Zehnder Substation – This area will be cleared by GVEA Contractor, AK Tree Service.
    • College Road from the Steese Highway to Danby Road, Illinois Street, Minnie Street, Bentley Drive and Harold Bentley Avenue.

West Fairbanks

  • Airport Way from the Mitchell Expressway, continuing on to Airport Industrial Road, to Trail Breaker Kennel.

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