Thousands Without Power

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Golden Valley Electric Association estimates that 15,000 members remain without power as of noon today, in the wake of an early winter storm that knocked out power to about 21,000 Interior residences and businesses.

The outages are widespread across Fairbanks, including some areas of North Pole and south towards Nenana. The hardest hit areas were in the hills around Fairbanks. Our members should anticipate outages for several more days as there are still many snow-laden trees that could continue to fall into power lines.

Crews have been working around the clock to restore power. “We’ve hired most contractors in town – every journeyman, lineman and apprentice,” said Steve Vorderbruggen, manager of construction services for GVEA. “Contractors are also arriving from Anchorage today.”

Crews have been working their way down power lines, prioritizing neighborhood branch lines. “Besides working on neighborhoods, we’re focusing on Fairbanks and North Pole city centers to ensure critical services are available for members,” said Josh Davis, line superintendent. “We’re working to get as many folks back online as quickly as possible with individual residences to follow.”

GVEA’s 69 outage reporting phone lines have been jammed since Tuesday morning. Members who can’t get through are encouraged to report new outages via email:

GVEA is asking members who have already reported an outage not to call or e-mail again. All outage calls and e-mails are already entered in our outage management system.

GVEA is also asking members who have power to keep their front and back porch lights on today. That will help line crews determine who has power and who doesn’t.

Members are cautioned to stay away from trees that have fallen into power lines. If you see a tree in a line, and haven’t reported it yet, please call GVEA at 452-1151 or send an e-mail to


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