Track a Power Outage in Real Time

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GVEA has installed a new Outage Management System (OMS). If you experience an outage, you can track the outage via GVEA’s outage map. Simply go to to access the outage map (or click here).

The grayed area on the map indicates GVEA’s service area. If there are any outages being worked, color-coded icons will appear within the service area. If there’s an outage that you’re particularly interested in, click on the icon. A window with more details on that outage will open.

More information is available to the right of the map. For example, it:

  • Explains the window updates automatically every three minutes;
  • Provides a summary of all the outages currently being worked; and
  • The color-coded legend indicates the number of meters affected per outage.
    • Note:  the yellow “hard hat” icon indicates a crew has been dispatched.

Remember, the best way you can help yourself (should you need to report an outage) is to have current contact information associated with your account. You can submit this info electronically right now!  Simply fill out the Account Maintenance Form and submit it.

Our new Interactive Voice Response (IVR) phone system works in tandem with the OMS; therefore, if your phone information has been updated on your account and you call in to report an outage, the system will automatically link your phone number to your account. This enables us to dispatch a repair crew more quickly and efficiently.

GVEA is taking full advantage of the technology that’s currently available and working hard to provide enhanced customer service to you, our member-owners.


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