Tree Giveaway Program

Image of Rosa RugosaSince 1991, each May GVEA has given away over 90,000 trees or shrubs to members to celebrate Arbor Day. The trees are distributed on a first come, first serve basis.

In 2020, GVEA marked the 30th Annual Tree Giveaway, but due to COVID-19, the event was canceled. We are looking forward to resuming this popular tradition in 2021!

In 2019, GVEA provided members with a bare-root Rosa Rugosa. This ornamental, flowering shrub has scented, dark-pink-to-white flowers, and the potential to grow to a height of 5 feet.
For additional information, please visit the National Arbor Day Foundation.

For more information about GVEA’s Tree Giveaway please call 907-452-1151 or email