Update following Interior Storm

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6:20am UPDATE: An estimated 6,000 members remain without power. We’ve have restored power to most neighborhoods around Fairbanks and North Pole. Currently, 12 crews and field hands are patrolling lines in these areas in order to restore power to those still in the dark. Due to the outages being so widespread, it is impossible to list all the streets and neighborhoods that crews are working in.

Some members should still expect to be without power for several days. Crews are not only removing down trees but are finding damaged equipment that will take longer to repair (transformers, lines, insulators, crossarms).

GVEA is asking members to keep their front and back porch lights on both at night and during the day. That will help line crews determine who has power and who doesn’t.

If your neighbors have power and you don’t (and everything otherwise looks OK) – you may want to check your main breaker in your service entrance equipment. Even if it’s in the ON position, it may need to be reset if it has tripped. You do this by shutting the breaker off and then back on.

Anyone needing emergency assistance due to this storm should dial 911.


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